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Reber Building E-Knowledge Commons, The Pennsylvania State University

Interior 1 - Empty Desk
Interior 2 - Group Collab
Interior 3 - Corner Desk
Interior 4 - Presentation
Interior 5 - Long Desk
Interior 6 - Event Space
Interior 7 - Landing Page
Client: The Pennsylvania State University
Location: University Park, PA
Type: Renovation
Project Size: 7,000 SF
Existing ground floor lab space has been transformed into new collaborative learning spaces including Small Group Collaboration Rooms, Computer Studios and a Small Group Instruction Room. The smaller collaborative spaces are arranged around a 4,000 SF multi-use flexible Lounge outfitted with multiple seating and device storage options with easy access to integrated power and charging systems. 

The majority of the E-Commons is constructed on a low-profile raised floor (LPRF) system incorporating a modular power and data infrastructure, creating a flexible platform to easily accommodate future changes in technology and furniture configurations.

The Small Group Collaboration and Instruction Rooms are outfitted with collaborative furniture that permits students to not only work directly with each other, but also effectively engage in virtual collaboration.


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