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Pattee Library - Collaboration Commons & Courtyard Infill, The Pennsylvania State University

Pattee-CollabCommons-collab area 2
Pattee-CollabCommons-video screen 1
Pattee-CollabCommons-collab area 3
Pattee-CollabCommons-collab area 1
Pattee-CollabCommons-video screen 2
Pattee-CollabCommons-collab area 4
Pattee-CollabCommons-flexible space
Pattee-CollabCommons-courtyard infill 1
Pattee-CollabCommons-evening exterior 1
Pattee-CollabCommons-evening exterior 2
Client: The Pennsylvania State University
Location: University Park, PA
Type: Renovation + Addition
Project Size: 16,800 SF
Awards: 2020 IES Philadelphhia Illumination Award Philadelphia Section Certificate of Merit
The Collaboration Commons & Courtyard Infill project located within the Pattee Library at Penn State University included a series of complex phased exterior and interior renovations totaling approximately 16,800 SF.

The Collaboration Commons compliments WTW’s Tombros & McWhirter Knowledge Commons that opened in 2013, and builds upon what is the main hub where students gather, exchange ideas, and create their own learning environments in flexible spaces outfitted with ‘smart’ furniture that not only encourages, but facilitates collaboration.

The 11,250 SF Courtyard Infill Project successfully connects four floors of Pattee Library, enhances wayfinding, and creates a stunning interior atrium used by patrons, as well as the premier gathering space used for various special events.


The new 2,000 SF Center for Immersive Experiences is conveniently accessed from the atrium space, and the entire Project continues to provide innovative learning spaces for individual or group study, along with informal student activities.


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