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WTW is now an AE Works company, a Zweig best company to work for.

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Interior Design


Interiors That Inspire

At WTW, interior design isn’t an afterthought. Our interior designers work with architects and planners, creating a tight integration of interior design and architecture at every phase. WTW is known for our holistic approach, and for how our plans support and enhance the function of a client’s space. We understand that a building is primarily experienced on the inside, and thoughtful, integrated, user-focused interior design is integral to a successful outcome.

Our interior design staff offers programming and space planning services, the establishment of design standards for building interiors, and construction coordination. They bring a thorough knowledge of short and long-term materials costs, as well as durability and maintenance issues with selected finishes. Color selection is interwoven into and throughout our design work by utilizing thoughtful placement of appropriate colors to enhance the mood of the space they enliven.


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