Adaptive Reuse & Preservation

Revitalizing Environments

At WTW Architects, we believe that every building has a story to tell, and preserving that narrative is at the heart of what we do. When repurposing a building or group of buildings, we go to great lengths to retain the integrity and history of each structure. WTW is privileged to have such a long history of preserving the historical architecture of buildings through renovation projects. 

Special care must be taken with buildings of a historical nature including ensuring that their original character is preserved while the building serves the next generation. Consideration of the original architectural integrity & use is important for guidance on honest façade & fenestration restoration, as well as being thoughtful with adaptive reuse. Our team strives to preserve these buildings while creating flexible, sustainable, and resilient environments that will stand the test of time.

With decades of experience in adaptive reuse and preservation, WTW Architects has successfully revitalized numerous iconic structures. We understand that adaptive reuse projects often play a vital role in revitalizing neighborhoods and fostering a sense of community. Our team actively engages with local stakeholders, listening to their aspirations and needs to create spaces that enrich lives and enhance the urban fabric.


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