Our Passion...

At WTW, we are passionate about creating memorable, life-enhancing spaces that are highly functional. Our buildings are more than bricks and mortar, they’re places of community, life experiences, and personal engagement that celebrate the human spirit. Through the use of advanced technology, we explore solutions that help our clients understand innovative concepts.

We program, plan, and create buildings and communities that reflect the unique values and culture of our clients in highly sustainable environments. The proven impact that the built environment has on people and the planet has made sustainability imperative for all projects at WTW. Our sustainability guiding principles are based on the understanding that every project has a rippling effect on the environment and the communities that surround it. 

WTW has worked on thousands of projects throughout the country and is currently registered in 18 states across the US.

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Listen, Then Lead

WTW has a long track record of promoting a lively dialog with the diverse stakeholders across our projects. We are nationally recognized for our ability to build consensus among stakeholders and adjacent groups to design a project that meets the needs of all of the users involved. Embedded in this process of building consensus is our philosophy of "Listen, Then Lead", where we listen to all of those involved in the projects and their needs & desires. We then lead the process in a way that will produce an end design that is a culmination of all of the items that were discussed during the visioning and programming phases of the project. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

The proven impact that the built environment has on people and planet has made sustainability an imperative for all projects at WTW. Our sustainability guiding principles are based on the understanding that every project has a rippling effect on the environment and the communities that surround it. Therefore, every project starts with an interdisciplinary session to establish the environmental and wellness benchmarks that will guide future decisions. Including LEED and Living Future accredited professionals, our staff brings a diversity of strengths and talents that support and enhance our building solutions and guide the process from inception to post-occupancy.

The WTW Team  

WTW Architects is proud to be a certified Pennsylvania Small Business Enterprise, proudly offering service-oriented solutions for a wide range of projects across Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the United States. Our team specializes in creating highly sustainable, custom-built buildings and communities that embody our clients' unique values and vision. Our success stems from our ability to collaborate with clients and stakeholders, building consensus and achieving results through a client-centric approach. As a certified Small Business Enterprise, we offer the best of both worlds: the extensive expertise and knowledge of a large architectural firm, coupled with the personalized attention and hands-on approach of a smaller business.

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WTW Principals

The Principals group at WTW Architects stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and commitment to excellence that has defined this architectural firm for generations. The group consists of the third and fourth generations of leadership within the company, carrying forward a rich heritage of architectural innovation and design prowess. This dynamic five-member ownership group works side by side with their colleagues and partners, day in and day out, fostering an environment of collaboration, mentorship, and shared vision. This distinctive approach ensures that the principles of creativity, expertise, and dedication are upheld as the firm continues to shape the architectural landscape for years to come.

Lawrence J. Payne, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C | President & CEO

Larry has over 30 years of professional management and design experience with complex architectural projects at WTW. These projects have included large-scale educational, institutional, and commercial buildings as well as renovations and historic restoration design. Many of these projects have involved participation with broad client groups and resolution of complex programs while simultaneously keeping project schedule, scope, and budget aligned.

Warren T. Bulseco, AIA, LEED AP | Senior Vice President

Warren is a dedicated, creative, and service-oriented architect. He provides innovative, strategic thinking and design leadership to complex projects. Warren provides over 30 years of experience in higher education, hospitality, healthcare, corporate, multi-family, community-oriented, and master planning projects. He brings a passion for creating inspiring spaces and memorable places that promotes student success, work place well-being, and environments that build community. 

Amy P. Maceyko, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP | Principal

Amy has dedicated her 20+ year career to the design of spaces that foster community, gathering, & inclusion. She is now focused full time on the planning, design, and development of best practices for college unions. Amy works to ensure that the project team maintains a student focus in all design decisions - fostering cooperation among university staff, consultants, and contractors. She prides herself on facilitating consensus among diverse community stakeholders to develop a building that is welcoming to all. 

Maria Kyriacopoulos, AIA, LFA, LEED AP BD+C | Principal

Maria is an architect and designer who believes that excellence in design starts with deep understanding of a client’s needs and aspirations. Her attention to detail and ability to integrate practicality and aesthetics are reflected in multiple completed projects. She is a LEED accredited professional and enthusiastically promotes sustainability, resiliency, and wellness in and out of the office. Maria has applied her expertise and forward-driven process to projects of various sizes and scopes including healthcare, corporate, K-12, and Higher Education.

Greg A. Smith, AIA | Associate Principal

Greg has been with WTW for over 30 years and is experienced in all phases of project development and delivery. Throughout his career, Greg has managed numerous large, complex renovations as well as new construction projects, successfully integrating the early design concepts into high-functioning facilities. He has a strong track record in managing higher education, K-12, commercial, and corporate projects. 


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