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Mixed-Use & Parking

The successful integration of diverse program elements into a single mixed-use facility requires special care and insight. Our expertise with a wide variety of building types and our understanding of how to positively integrate multiple programs into a single facility enable us to create engaging and synergistic mixed-use architecture.

Through decades of experience, we have witnessed firsthand the evolution of parking facilities from simple vehicle storage buildings to today’s versions that fully incorporate sustainable technologies, advanced energy-saving features and efficient traffic flow patterns. We take great pride in our ability to create parking facilities that are highly functional and efficient, yet greatly enhance their surrounding environments.

Locally, WTW has extensive experience working closely with the City of Pittsburgh and State of Pennsylvania; this experience provides insight and relationships that enhance the approval process. Through the use of advanced technology, we explore solutions that help clients understand innovative concepts.
North Shore Parking Garage

North Shore Parking Garage

Theater Square and Cultural Trust Service Center, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Theater Square and Cultural Trust Service Center, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust


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