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Timber Court, WTW Architects

WTW-front desk
WTW - atrium view 1
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WTW - under stairs
WTW - atrium
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WTW - atrium view 2
WTW - desk area 2
WTW - lobby
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Client: Timber Court, WTW Architects
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Type: Renovation
Project Size: 10,742 GSF
Thirty years after repurposing a circa 1880 sawmill on Pittsburgh’s North Shore for its offices, WTW has again transformed its workspace to express its culture and design philosophy in a highly collaborative environment that inspires creativity.

Committed to sustainable design, WTW revitalized their current offices rather than relocating to new spaces. Energy-saving LED lighting, sophisticated lighting controls that maximize daylighting, and the incorporation of recycled materials into the project all further contribute to the sustainable strategies.

Extensive interior glazing and clean contemporary detailing of new materials contribute to the office's openness while emphasizing the heavy wood timbers and exposed brick of the original structure.


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