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Exterior 1 - Both Buildings
Interior 1 - Starbucks
Interior 2 - Student Space
Interior 3 - Study Space
Interior 4 - Vending Area
Interior 4 - Restaurant
Exterior 2 - Starbucks
Interior 5 - Student Gathering Space
Exterior 3 - Movie Marquee
Exterior 4 - Dusk
Client: Clarion University
Location: Clarion, PA
Type: New Construction
Project Size: 250,436 SF
Certification: LEED Silver
Flanking Main Street, two buildings are home to 728 students above retail and university facilities that serve to integrate campus with Clarion’s business district. The scale, character, and amenities of the complex offer a unique blend of small town and urban university experiences.

The complex boasts a diverse array of offerings, including a coffee shop, bookstore, restaurant, and a state-of-the-art 190-seat movie theater complete with a stage and instruction space. The flexible multipurpose rooms and adjacent kitchens are perfect for hosting events and supporting the many facets of student life. The social and study lounges and laundry rooms on each residential floor create a true sense of community and foster a welcoming environment for students to thrive.

The design blendstraditional campus architecture with modern elements that respect the pedestrian scale of the surrounding business district. The sloped roof and masonry buildings provide a harmonious rhythm and scale that reflects the project's connection to the University while offering a distinctive presence that draws the eye.

The development is environmentally conscious, achieving a LEED Silver certification with its energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling. 


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