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Interior 2 - Dining w/ Windows
Interior 5 - Lounge
Exterior 1 - Side
Exterior 2- Outside, Dusk
Interior 3 - Servery
Interior 4 - Theater
Exterior 3 - Landing Page Image
Exterior 4 - Vertical
Interior 6 - Dining
Interior 1 - Lounge Space
Client: Bowie State University
Location: Bowie, MD
Type: New Construction
Project Size: 96,000 SF
Awards: 2014 ACUI Facility Design Excellence Award
American Institute of Architects, Baltimore Design Excellence Award
Certification: LEED Gold
As a growing Historically Black College and University campus, Bowie State desired a new campus connector for student life. Strategically located at the new south campus precinct and connected to the beautiful and historic campus green, the Center is both an iconic gateway to campus and the heart of student life.

Students were instrumental in creating the vision for the building, hoping that the new Student Center would serve as a social intersection that greets visitors to the campus and serves as a social gathering place for students. Based off student vision, the Student Center was designed as a hub of campus activity that fosters a strong sense of community among the Bowie State campus.

The center provides the meal-plan dining hall as well as retail dining options, bookstore, game room, movie theater, and a variety of student group and lounge spaces. A sequence of outdoor spaces provide a variety of experiences to encourage interaction with the surrounding landscape. 

The Student Center, with its numerous innovative sustainable characteristics, has become a catalyst for green design initiatives throughout the University and a powerful tool for educating students. The highly transparent and dynamic building successfully integrates essential program components. From outside the building, the expansive glass maximizes transparency–showcasing the activities and community within, and inviting students to enter, participate, and engage.

This project was designed in collaboration with Grimm + Parker.


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