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Master Space Plan, Point Park University

Point Park MP-massing diagram
Point Park MP-axon
Point Park MP-land uses
Point Park MP-vicinity study
Point Park MP-wood street 1
Point Park MP-wood street 2
Point Park MP-wood street 3
Point Park MP-fort pitt blvd
Point Park MP-first avenue
Point Park MP-playhouse
Client: Point Park University
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Type: Master Plan
The Master Space Plan was developed through an interactive planning process, engaging a wide community of stakeholders with the goal of creating a dynamic and identifiable campus that complements and enhances the downtown Pittsburgh community and spatially fulfills the academic, student life, and administrative objectives of the University.

The Space Plan lays out a vision that will help organize the University’s many uses, plan for current and future growth and development, and create an Academic Village within the city that improves the outdoor urban environment, embraces historic architecture, and encourages sustainability in all aspects of campus life. The 2017 Update advanced this vision in order to document the implementation of the first phases of the plan, address evolving programmatic needs, and further improve space utilization and management.


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