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Henry Dining Facility, Wilkes University

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Client: Wilkes University
Location: Wilkes Barre, PA
Type: Renovation
Project Size: 14,825 SF
The Henry Dining Facility needed a major renovation to better serve the campus community - but the challenge was how to accomplish this without largely affecting the facility’s operations. The facility was quickly reaching the point where it could not serve the campus community in the needed capacity. 

The third floor of the Henry Dining Facility was transformed into a student-centered dining space that is now a comfortable and inviting space for students to not only dine but also to socialize. The project focused on developing student life spaces and involved upgrading technology, creating more circulatory space, and increasing the number of food options being served. 

In addition, the dining space was designed to be flexible and meet the Wilkes community’s changing needs with moveable seating and tables that could be easily rearranged to accommodate different group sizes and events.

The design team developed a strategy to complete the construction in the shortest time frame possible by identifying long lead items, potential construction issues, and more. 


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