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Interior 5 - Dining Area (ceiling detail)
Interior 3 - Servery Area (close up)
Interior 1 - Servery Area (wide)
Interior 4 - Dining Area (wood)
Interior 2 - Dining Area (blue)
Interior 6 - Landing Page
Interior 7 - Condiment Station
Client: Kent State University
Location: Kent, OH
Type: Renovation
Project Size: 25,050 SF
The East Way Dining Hall at Kent State University was in dire need of a renovation that would cause minimal impacts on food service operations. The renovation was fast-tracked over the Summer months and the result was a transformative project that created an updated dining facility and enjoyable space for students.

To create a more modern and inviting space, the team adopted an “open” plan concept for food and production ‘on display.’ This design allowed students to see the food being prepared and served, creating a more interactive and engaging experience. Additionally, they worked to enhance the circulation and flow of traffic in the dining hall, ensuring that students could access the second floor easily. To ensure that the project was completed in the limited time-frame, the team worked closely with the University and contractor to develop a plan to prepare for items in advance to avoid any delays in construction. 

The transformative project created an East Way Dining Hall that now provides a fresh and functional space for students to enjoy their meals and establish a sense of community on campus.


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