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Client: Connected Health
Location: Wexford, PA
Type: New Construction
Project Size: 41,000 SF
ConnectedHealth desired an interior environment to enhance health/wellness and improve connectivity between patients and staff in this holistic fitness and healthcare facility. The key to this merger is a centrally located Collaboration Area that promotes engagement and interaction as patients and staff flow through this central unifying space. The Collaboration Area provides a 360 degree view of all services provided by the client.

Open spaces, interior glass, and a variety of collaboration-oriented furniture and work spaces are incorporated throughout. These create a more inviting and dynamic environment, replacing traditional waiting rooms and compartmentalized offices. The Collaboration Area includes a stone fireplace and a living-wall of plants and herbs that provide a calming living room atmosphere. Accent colors and translucent panels identify the various programs. Specific colors were selected to enhance the user experience, reduce anxiety, and promote health/wellness.


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