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Bridgeport Multi-Use Sports Facility Feasibility Study

Rendering 1 - Basketball
Rendering 2 - Pool
Rendering 3 - Field
Layout Option 1
Rendering 4 - Interior
Client: City of Bridgeport, WV
Location: Bridgeport, WV
Type: Feasibility Study
The Bridgeport Recreation Complex is an active sports and recreation park and a destination for community and baseball events. The Multi-use Sports Facility will be a game changer for the complex and the City of Bridgeport. The complex will become a community park and a regional destination for sports activities.

The site plan and building design of the Multi-use Sports Facility provides connectivity to nearby fields, trails, trails and adjacent neighborhoods. And, outdoor fields will be designed for multi-use e.g. soccer, football, lacrosse, and other field sports. The park is designated as an active sports and recreation park. However, amenities will be provided to promote inclusion for all ages. This includes playgrounds, shelters, landscaping and trees for shading and a trail system.


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