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BEA exterior
WTW used an original design element (the mesh entry tower) and incorporated it into the renovation project as a new exterior stair tower.
BEA workspace 1
BEA meeting room 1
BEA meeting room 2
BEA exterior stairs-day
BEA exterior stairs-night
Client: BEA Americas
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Type: Renovation
Project Size: 19,500 SF
The BEA Americas office project began with a feasibility study to strategically develop under-utilized shell space and provide additional space at their US Headquarters. With the feasibility study in place, WTW then delivered basic services through a design/build delivery method, culminating in successful renovations.

The corporate office was designed with BEA's key requirements of flexibility and openness in mind. The entire fit-out is constructed on a low profile raised floor, demountable partitions were strategically used to add further flexibility, while low-height modular workstations were specified to create an open, collaborative environment.

The program for the office includes dedicated areas for the engineering, testing, and customer service departments. Additionally, the office includes a flexible technician training and showroom space, deemed BEA University. The design's creativity is evident in the new exterior stair element, which not only complements the building's existing architecture but also addresses code-required egress based on increased occupancy of the building.

Overall, the BEA Americas corporate office is a brilliant example of how strategic planning, innovative design, and flawless execution can come together to create a workspace that meets the needs of a client while also inspiring creativity, productivity, and collaboration among employees.


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