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Project Spotlight: BEA Americas

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The WTW team performed a fit-out study and Basic Services for an underutilized shell space on the upper level of BEA’s US headquarters. BEA is an industry leader in the research, development & integration of sensing solutions for pedestrian, industrial, transportation & security applications. WTW's task was to help BEA streamline operations by moving specific departments to facilitate production efforts.
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The space was designed with BEA's key requirements of flexibility and openness in mind. The entire fit-out is constructed on a low-profile raised floor, demountable partitions were strategically used to add further flexibility, while low-height modular workstations were specified to create an open, collaborative environment.
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New spaces for BEA team members include dedicated areas for the engineering, testing, and customer service departments. Additionally, the new space includes a flexible technician training and showroom area, deemed BEA University.
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