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Duquesne (DUCOM) project tour

Duquesne (DUCOM) project tour

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This tour was the culmination of a series of visits encompassing the entire evolution of the project, from its foundational stages and structural framework to the completion of cladding, interior finishes, and installation of equipment. The journey through the various phases of construction proved to be an enlightening experience.

What sets this project apart is our staff's unique involvement, having closely followed its progress through a series of tours – from the initial groundwork to witnessing the transformation into the final product. This immersive approach provides our team with invaluable insights into the intricacies of design, project management, and effective problem-solving. It serves as a highly informative educational tool, particularly beneficial for imparting essential skills to the next generation.

As we wrap up this phase, we eagerly anticipate the students' use of this space. It signifies a significant milestone in their medical journeys, providing a conducive environment for learning and growth in the field of medicine.
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