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Craftworks USA Tour

As young architects and designers, we have so much to learn. Our office has so many resources available to us including our Continuing Education (CE) series. These series allow us to sit down with our experienced staff and discuss any subject we want to learn more about. We recently had a session regarding casework and millwork, with Principal Maria Kyriacopoulos, in order to learn how they are created. This session was perfectly scheduled to align with a casework tour at Craftworks USA. The CE session taught us what is considered casework vs. millwork, the materials that are required, the code that is associated, and more. 

The tour showed us all the different types of casework, the machinery used to create them, and the customization available. Seeing the translation from lines to physical models is helpful in understanding how the builders read what we draw. The tour showed us the collaboration that architects can (and should) have with manufacturers. Having a good relationship with them is important to have a successful project. After the tour, we even went out for a drink to end the day!

Thank you to Huynh for sharing her insight and to Rycon Construction for leading the tour.